M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)
M1 Classic (Discontinued)

M1 Classic (Discontinued)

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V6.1 Updates:

  • Chassis
    • Adjusted front SFX mount position
    • Adjusted 2.5" mounting holes
    • Adjusted 2.5" drive SATA connector cutouts
    • Added threaded nuts to fan bracket mounting holes
  • Front I/O
    • New punch tooling for smoother edges
    • Audio combo jack changed to black
  • SFX bracket
    • Added/modified flanges to mitigate possible PSU movement
  • ODD bracket
    • Adjusted 2.5" drive mount screw holes for improved stacking bracket support
    • Added chassis mounted 2.5" drive screw access holes
    • Adjusted aux chassis 2.5" drive screw access holes
  • Parts box
    • Removed 120mm fan filters
    • Fan grille count changed to 2
    • Adjusted screw counts
  • Power cable
    • Changed to right angle

V6 Updates:

  • Front I/O
    • Added USB Type C port (requires motherboard 20 pin Type E header)
    • Changed headphone and mic ports to single combo jack
    • All ports use new molds
    • Redesigned I/O bracket with swappable no-I/O faceplate (ports can be removed for cleaner look/slightly better 2.2+ slot GPU compatibility)
  • Chassis
    • Redesigned ventilation holes on bottom and rear to improve airflow
    • Added longer fan mounting slots on the bottom
    • Bottom vents moved to separate steel floor plate attached to underside of chassis
    • Added bottom magnetic dust filter
    • Threaded inserts on PCI bracket
    • Added M4 screw holes for window mounting to chassis
    • Front-right chassis flange reduced, SFX PSU can now be installed from the right side
    • Reduced rear-left chassis flange to facilitate GPU installation
    • Enlarged chassis front GPU passthrough to facilitate GPU installation and provide more room for oversized GPUs
    • Removed four panel mounting clips from side flanges to reduce incidence of oversized GPU conflicts
    • Changed front 2.5" drive mounting to use screws instead of rubber grommets to save space/reduce complexity
    • Integrated fan bracket mount into chassis flanges
    • Added inside-front mounting for SFX PSU
  • Motherboard tray
    • Changed to removable standoffs
  • ODD bracket
    • Redesigned to single piece, now supports 9.5mm and 12.7mm ODD drives
  • HDD cage
    • Redesigned to two pieces, now supports 2x 3.5" drives *or* 3x 2.5" drives; now allows mounting to inside front 2.5" mount (3x 2.5" configuration only)
  • Top panel
    • Changed to 2mm thick
  • Side panels
    • Extended ventilated area adjacent to GPU
  • Other
    • New 15mm tall molded rubber feet
    • New adjustable GPU support bracket (adjustable for 2-2.5 slot cards)

V5 Updates:

  • Front USB 3.0 ports cleaner look (removed port edges flanges)
  • Motherboard tray is now fastened with screws instead of rivets to facilitate replacement or modding
  • Later batches only:
    • Front USB 3.0 ports color changed from blue to black
    • Removed #6-32 screws for PSU mounting (some users were incorrectly using them in M3-threaded holes, stripping the threads)
      • Re-added for later batches, now in a separate labeled bag

V4 Updates:

  • Fan bracket changed to steel and magnetic filter is now included
  • Fan bracket mounts changed to allow 2mm of additional travel (allows 140mm fan w/120mm mounting holes to be used alongside a 120mm fan)

V3 Updates:

  • Braces added to bottom corners of chassis for increased rigidity/decreased probability of wobbling
  • 0.3mm decrease in side and front panel height
  • Extra QC for wobbling & panel uniformity
  • SFX bracket raised 2mm and flange trimmed for better SFX-L support (CAUTION: SFX-L is still a very tight fit with long GPUs, even with the revised bracket)
  • Additional motherboard standoffs added for compact mATX boards (226x173mm max w/SFX bracket; see thread and google docs spreadsheet)
  • Slightly increased CPU cutout size

V2 Updates:

  • Enlarged CPU cutout upward on motherboard tray
  • Additional cutouts at bottom of motherboard tray
  • Move rear 92mm fan and tubing holes down 2mm
  • Additional 3.5" HDD mounting location at forward bottom of chassis
  • Cable tie holes on chassis bottom reduced from 10 to 5
  • SSD stacking brackets modified to allow stacked 7mm thick SDDs closer
  • ATX PSU bracket moved back to allow more clearance behind chassis front
  • 3.5" HDD cage fixed to work in upper fan bracket position
  • ODD bracket screw holes reduced for better M2 screw fit
  • No top panel screw
  • More SSD mounting screws
  • Extra side panel clips
  • Dome head M5 screws changed to flat head M5
  • Shortened internal AC cable, changed to left angle
  • Threaded inserts at side bracket mounting points
  • Sub-millimeter increases to exterior panel dimensions to mitigate panel warping
  • Feet color changed to black for silver cases
Resources NCASE User Build Gallery
What's In The Box
  • M1 V6.1 case (non-ODD slot version)
  • Side fan bracket
  • SFX PSU bracket
  • ATX PSU bracket
  • Optical disc drive bracket (top panel does not include slot for ODD access on non-ODD version)
  • 3.5" HDD brackets (1 set)
  • 2.5" HDD stacking brackets (2 sets)
  • GPU support bracket
  • Bottom and side magnetic dust filters
  • Standard front I/O ports & faceplate
  • Blank front I/O faceplate
  • Internal AC power cable (right angle)
  • 120mm fan grilles (2)
  • Screws and rubber drive mounting grommets
Models M1ENC-V61-BB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, black exterior
M1ENC-V61-SB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, silver exterior

1.5mm Aluminum sheets, folded and anodized exterior panels, painted interior structure
1.2mm Steel sheets, folded and painted fan bracket

Volume 12.7L
Dimensions (L x W x H) Excluding feet/protrusions: 328mm x 160.6mm x 241.7mm
Including protrusions: 338mm x 160.6mm x 255.5mm
Weight 2.0kg
Shipping Weight 3.4kg
Shipping Dimensions 400mm x 305mm x 220mm
Materials Exterior: brushed anodized aluminum, 1.5mm front and sides, 2mm top panel
Interior frame: 1.5mm matte black painted aluminum
Interior fan bracket and vented undercarriage: 1.2mm black steel
Front I/O Power button with dual-color LED backlight (power on/HDD access)
Two USB Type A ports (to 19 pin USB header)
One USB Type C port (to 20 pin/Type E header)
One 3.5mm headphone/mic combo jack (to HD Audio header)
Blank no-I/O face plate included
Motherboards Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
CPU Cooler Support
  • Maximum height: 130mm with side fan bracket installed, 135mm without
  • CPU Heatsinks must not extend past the top edge of the motherboard by more than 10mm.
  • CPU Heatsinks that extend beyond the front edge of the motherboard may interfere with the 3.5" HDD cage and/or power supply (in the default right-side mounting location).
Graphics Card Support
  • Maximum length:
    • 322mm (cards up to 45mm (2.2 slots) thick)
    • 280mm (cards up to 60mm (3 slots) thick)
    • 290mm (cards up to 60mm (3 slots) thick with front I/O ports removed)
  • Maximum height (AKA width):
    • 140mm at mid-card
    • 130mm (first 5mm at back corner)
    • 125mm (portion of card over 280mm long)
    • Please allow 15-20mm for PCIe power connectors
  • Bottom fan support:
    • 25mm thick fans: 2 slot (42mm) cards only
    • 15mm thick fans: up to 2.5 slot (50mm) cards
  • GPU support bracket:
    • 2 to 2.5 slot (42mm-50mm) cards only
  • Also see M1 GPU Compatibility List
Drive Support

Optical Disc Drive Support(requires optional top panel with ODD slot)

  • ODD bracket supports slim slot-loading optical drives in 9.5mm or 12.7mm sizes
  • Alternatively, bracket may be used for a single 2.5" drive (up to 14mm thick)

2x 3.5" HDDs supported via removable brackets attached to the fan bracket (uses up one side 120mm fan location)

  • Alternatively, brackets can support 3x 2.5" drives (up to 15.5mm thick)

1x 2.5" drive mount on inside-front of chassis (any thickness); also supports mounting of the HDD brackets in 3x 2.5" drive configuration in place of a single 2.5" drive

Fan Support
  • Side (fan bracket): 2x 120mm
  • Bottom: 2x 120mm
  • Rear: 1x 92mm
Liquid Cooling Support
  • 1x 240 radiator or up to 2x 120 radiators are supported on the side fan bracket
  • Radiators less than 35mm thick are recommended
  • 1x 240 or 2x 120 radiators precludes use of the HDD brackets attached to the fan bracket
Power Supply Support SFX, SFX-L

Our team works very hard to bring our customers the best pricing and value on our products.

After exploring various manufacturing processes, to make the pricing reasonable and cost savings most impactful, some trade-offs had to be made.

  • Color - Some color variations of the parts that make up the product is standard and expected. Also, some color variation between products of the same color is normal and expected. Examples of color variation can be viewed in this album.
  • Surface - Minor surface blemishes are typical and expected, as long as they do not impede the product's functions. However, there is difference between exterior and interior standard: 
    • Exterior - scratches / dents / blemishes on exterior surfaces larger than 3x2x1cm in size are covered under the warranty.
    • Interior - scratches / dents / blemishes on interior surfaces larger than 3x2x1cm in size are covered under the warranty.
Note: The interior surfaces will inevitably show wear and tear by building the product. The trade-off on the interior surface allowed for better pricing on the product.
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    • Only the product options shown at the time of order are available.
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