What Is New For T1 Version 2.5

What Is New For T1 Version 2.5

Improved Outer Surface Finish

  • The Front, Top, and Bottom Panels are made to a higher standard from our new and upgraded supply chain. The finer, smoother surface finish gives a more premium look and feel

Improved Surface For Brackets

  • The GPU, Power Supply, and Fan Brackets surface is more scratch-resistant

Improved Structural Rigidity

  • Increased thickness for the Top and Side Struts improved rigidity for the enclosure, power supply, and motherboard installation. Note: The Side Strut's increased thickness is incompatible with older versions
  • Added screw holes to secure the Motherboard IO Bracket to improve rigidity

Simplified Flatpack Assembly

  • Minimized the types of screws needed for assembly
  • Assembly screws are now visually different from each other, making it easier to identify for assembly
  • The Rear Panel, Motherboard IO, and GPU Brackets are prebuilt for easier enclosure assembly
  • The Power Button kit is prebuilt for easier assembly

Aluminum Mesh Side Panels Is Standard

  • The Mesh Side Panel material changed from steel to aluminum. Aluminum is a gentler material that helps prevent damage to the aluminum Front and Rear Panels during regular use.