Specifications - M1 Classic

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What's In The Box
  • M1 V6.1 case (non-ODD slot version)
  • Side fan bracket
  • SFX PSU bracket
  • ATX PSU bracket
  • Optical disc drive bracket (top panel does not include slot for ODD access on non-ODD version)
  • 3.5" HDD brackets (1 set)
  • 2.5" HDD stacking brackets (2 sets)
  • GPU support bracket
  • Bottom and side magnetic dust filters
  • Standard front I/O ports & faceplate
  • Blank front I/O faceplate
  • Internal AC power cable (right angle)
  • 120mm fan grilles (2)
  • Screws and rubber drive mounting grommets
Models M1ENC-V61-BB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, black exterior
M1ENC-V61-SB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, silver exterior

1.5mm Aluminum sheets, folded and anodized exterior panels, painted interior structure
1.2mm Steel sheets, folded and painted fan bracket

Volume 12.7L
Dimensions (L x W x H) Excluding feet/protrusions: 328mm x 160.6mm x 241.7mm
Including protrusions: 338mm x 160.6mm x 255.5mm
Weight 2.0kg
Shipping Weight 3.4kg
Shipping Dimensions 400mm x 305mm x 220mm
Materials Exterior: brushed anodized aluminum, 1.5mm front and sides, 2mm top panel
Interior frame: 1.5mm matte black painted aluminum
Interior fan bracket and vented undercarriage: 1.2mm black steel
Front I/O Power button with dual-color LED backlight (power on/HDD access)
Two USB Type A ports (to 19 pin USB header)
One USB Type C port (to 20 pin/Type E header)
One 3.5mm headphone/mic combo jack (to HD Audio header)
Blank no-I/O face plate included
Motherboards Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
CPU Cooler Support
  • Maximum height: 130mm with side fan bracket installed, 135mm without
  • CPU Heatsinks must not extend past the top edge of the motherboard by more than 10mm.
  • CPU Heatsinks that extend beyond the front edge of the motherboard may interfere with the 3.5" HDD cage and/or power supply (in the default right-side mounting location).
Graphics Card Support
  • Maximum length:
    • 322mm (cards up to 45mm (2.2 slots) thick)
    • 280mm (cards up to 60mm (3 slots) thick)
    • 290mm (cards up to 60mm (3 slots) thick with front I/O ports removed)
  • Maximum height (AKA width):
    • 140mm at mid-card
    • 130mm (first 5mm at back corner)
    • 125mm (portion of card over 280mm long)
    • Please allow 15-20mm for PCIe power connectors
  • Bottom fan support:
    • 25mm thick fans: 2 slot (42mm) cards only
    • 15mm thick fans: up to 2.5 slot (50mm) cards
  • GPU support bracket:
    • 2 to 2.5 slot (42mm-50mm) cards only
  • Also see M1 GPU Compatibility List
Drive Support

Optical Disc Drive Support(requires optional top panel with ODD slot)

  • ODD bracket supports slim slot-loading optical drives in 9.5mm or 12.7mm sizes
  • Alternatively, bracket may be used for a single 2.5" drive (up to 14mm thick)

2x 3.5" HDDs supported via removable brackets attached to the fan bracket (uses up one side 120mm fan location)

  • Alternatively, brackets can support 3x 2.5" drives (up to 15.5mm thick)

1x 2.5" drive mount on inside-front of chassis (any thickness); also supports mounting of the HDD brackets in 3x 2.5" drive configuration in place of a single 2.5" drive

Fan Support
  • Side (fan bracket): 2x 120mm
  • Bottom: 2x 120mm
  • Rear: 1x 92mm
Liquid Cooling Support
  • 1x 240 radiator or up to 2x 120 radiators are supported on the side fan bracket
  • Radiators less than 35mm thick are recommended
  • 1x 240 or 2x 120 radiators precludes use of the HDD brackets attached to the fan bracket
Power Supply Support SFX, SFX-L