Farewell M1 Classic!

Due to various factors, we have decided not to order another batch of M1 at this time. This means the current M1 design, or M1 *Classic, is effectively end of life, and we will not have any more M1 Classic cases or parts available to order. It's had a good eight year run, but evolving component requirements and shifts in the market have made it a less compelling option in recent times. We apologize to anyone who wasn't able to order an M1 Classic before stock ran out. The decision not to reorder was a difficult choice.

We want to stress that this is not the end of NCASE, but an opportunity for something new. We do have new products in development, to that end, we are not ready to comment on current production or time estimates. The NCASE website and M1 product page will remain up for the time being for informational purposes.

Thanks to all of our supporters and customers over the years.


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